In this business,
you can never have too many ad pages or too big a profit margin.
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Every company needs
a raison d'etre
a reason for being.
Ours is simple.

MagazineXperts was founded to help publishers substantially increase revenues, dramatically improve advertiser loyalty and enhance overall profitability.

The publishing industry has never before confronted such enormous challenges. In the opinion of MagazineXperts, neither has there been such incredible opportunity to gain market share, increase competitive advantage and ensure profitability for years to come.

Is your publication in need of a revenue rocket?

In 2002, MagazineXperts recommended that
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) retire
their existing publication and launch a new magazine
with a completely new editorial format in its place.
ABC took our advice and, in 2003, the first year
of monthly publication for Construction
Executive, we tripled ABC's previous
advertising revenues. The magazine is
now in its 8th year and revenues have
continued to grow, attracting the industry's
most prestigious national advertisers.

MagazineXperts is not your
run-of-the-mill rep firm or typical
consulting group. Publishing is
our lifeblood and printer’s ink has
long coursed through our veins.
Over the past three decades, we’ve
become experts in the field of
magazine publishing.