With MagazineXperts, you get motivated sales associates with years of experience, proven track records, the latest technology and professional ad sales representation in the highest degree.
MagazineXperts’ core competency is national and regional sales representation. No staff hire can match our firm’s sales expertise and unparalleled track records of advertising revenue growth.

With MagazineXperts selling advertising for your publications, you get:

  • PROFESSIONALISM — When you hire MagazineXperts, you don't get "reps." You get advertising sales professionals who are a credit to your publication.
  • EXPERIENCE — In today's economy, publishers cannot afford the luxury of training new hires.
  • MOTIVATION — As independent sales representatives, MagazineXperts associates make their living from commissions.
  • PERSISTENCE — Unsuccessful sales people generally give up after the second call. The average sale is made on the fifth or sixth call.
  • GOAL SETTING — All top salespeople set personal sales goals in excess of those provided by their publishers.
  • TECHNOLOGY SAVVY — The principals of MagazineXperts were early pioneers in harnessing the power of computers to automate the sales process.

Along with all these reasons, when you choose MagazineXperts as your independent sales representative, you also receive these additional benefits:

  • LOWER COST OF SALES — Our compensation is based solely on performance.
  • NO OVERHEAD — We don't require a cubicle in your office space.
  • NO TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES — MagazineXperts pays for the T&E expenses incurred by our associates within their territories.
  • NO CORPORATE BENEFITS — You save the high cost associated with providing health care coverage.
  • NO TAX LIABILITY — You save the employer's contribution to Social Security and Medicare.
  • NO RECRUITER FEES — In addition to the time you'll save in interviewing prospective employees, you'll avoid the expensive recruiter fees commanded by industry headhunters.
  • NO HUMAN RESOURCE EXPENSE — You reduce your administrative workload when you hire MagazineXperts.